viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Module 6. My world in another lenguage: Week 4: Unit VI: This is my familiy/Unit VII: Traveling around: Integrating activity: My house and my comunity

1.- I get to introduce my friend and my family:

Hi Karla, how are you?
This is my family:
She is my wife Fernanda, she forty years old;
She is my mother, she is eighteen years old and she has a brother, who is a welfare assistance, his name is Roberto;
He is my son, his name is Ricardo, he is fifteen years old, he is a junior hight school student, and he is a soccer player;
She is my aunt July, she is sixteen years old.

2.- This this my home, there it is

In my house there is a large living room, in my living room there is a T.V near to the computer.
There is a kitchen, in the kitchen there are tow tables, one in the center and the other near to he window.
There is microwave net to the cupboard.
There is a sink, the sink is beside the fridge.

3.- My friend needs to go to ...

Go straigh ahead on san lorenzo street and the church is in front of a big Oxxo netx to he post office.
How can i get to the bank?
Go straight ahead on ermita iztapalapa avenue turn left, and the bank is opposite to library, between the grocery store and the cinema.
How can i get to the supermarket?
Go straight ahead on san lorenzo street turn right, and the supermarket is across the barbershop, behid the plaza hotel, between the cofee shop and the pólice station.

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