lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Module 7. My live in another lenguage: Week: 3: Unit 3: Share information: Integrating activity 05: What happened.


A long time ago, I visited Tlaxcala. I went with my family, my oldest brother was to the left, he a black shirt and gray pants, my father was in front to the right, he had a gray shirt and black pants.  My mother was behind me, she had a pink blouse, next to me, my middle sister was, with a pink blouse also, beside her, she was my sister in law. Behind my father, he was my favorite brother. Opposite were my nephews, who were children decades ago. We were in the public square.
During this trip we took a breakfast normally at 8:00 o’clock and I drank much coffee daily. I bought many crafts for my friends, I visited the cathedral, also I ate typical food. In the afternoon my father visited the museum and he learned the history of 18th Century. In the night, we walked for the sights.  Last night, we went to the theatre and we visited the archaeological site. After all this, at 8:00 o’clock we dined and we return to the hotel and I took a shower.
Finally, we return on the Mexico City on Friday, we decided to return in December for to visit the palace, the aquarium, the gardens and the University.  My oldest brother drove and I carried one book for to read in the car, but five minutes ago, I slept. We return in 2010 and this travel was wonderful because my favorite brother lived, he died ago three years. Now, in 2015 my nephews are young and any students of the University and I am a thirty nine years old.

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