lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Module 7. My live in another lenguage: Week: 4: Unit 7: The future: Integrating project: Expectation.


a. What are your personal goals?
1. In two years, I’m going to finish the school.
2. I’m going to save money. I’m going to work hard.

b. What are your future plans about your studies?
1. The next year, I’m going to study prepa on line.

2.  I guess, I will take a course of english in two months.

c. What are your future plans about your family?
1. In the next month, we are going to go on holidays to Veracruz.
2.  In two years, we are going to have our own house.
d. What are you going to do to be healthier?
1. I’m going to do zumba and I’m not going to eat more bread.
2. I’m going to do exercise and I’m going to eat healthier.

e. Write one goal you wish to achieve in the next five years.
I suppose, I will study in a Law school.

f. What will you do to achieve that goal?
I will finish the prepa on linea, I will study hard and I will learn another language. I will work hard and I will have better opportunities. I want to study in a Law school because I like the laws.

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